Real Life Testimonies

TSN’s Parents wrote:

“A very special “thank you” more than I can ever express goes out to all of you at AMBUCS that made TS’s wish of having a bicycle of her own come true. The smile on her face says it all each time we watch her ride. … Dreams really do come true when we believe. We thank heaven for the generous, giving hearts of people like you.”

T’s Mother wrote:

“A bicycle was on T’s wish list for Christmas, but we couldn’t find one that she could fit or keep proper balance on. An AmTryke would make this little girl’s wish come true.”

K’s Mother wrote:

“He is a very active child and he loves to play outside. He loves to ride bikes and swing. He also likes anything with a steering wheel. He has hydrocephalus and mild cerebral palsy.”

The mother of a 15 year old with cerebral palsy wrote:

“When you look at J all you see is his smile. He is social and loves doing things that other people do. He loves to ride a bicycle/tricycle. It gives him a feeling of independence.”

A mother of a 23 year old with Downs Syndrome wrote:

“A has very poor muscle tone. She is a very happy young lady who has always dreamed of being able to ride a bicycle with her friends. She is our heart and soul.”

Have you or someone you know benefited from the Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS or AmTryke? Please share your testimonies with us.