Amtrykes are not covered by insurance. We raise money through grants and donations. All money received from grants and individuals are used towards our AmTryke program. We typically have a waiting list of children and some adults in need of their very own therapeutic AmTryke. We would like to put some of our AmTrykes into the schools for the special needs children to participate in physical education activities. It is through your generous donations that we are able to accomplish our mission.

We hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Checks should be made payable to Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS and can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 242366

Montgomery, AL 36124

Remember that Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS is a 501c(3)organization which means your donation is tax-deductible.

For additional sponsorship/donation information contact Leanne.