Demo Site

An AmTryke Demo Site is a therapy facility (hospital, clinic, etc) that through donations from an AMBUCS chapter received AmTryke vehicles and accessories.

Thanks to a very generous grant from the Baptist Foundation, the Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS is fortunate to have an official AmTryke demo site located at Baptist Medical Center East Therapy Center located in Baptist Medical Center East Hospital on Taylor Road in Montgomery, AL. The demo site helps spend up the process for evaluating and identifying individuals that would benefit from an AmTryke tricycle. The therapists at the demo site can also assist in filling out the necessary documentation to either purchase an AmTryke or have the individual added to the wish list.

In return the demo site is able to use the AmTryke equipment during their therapy sessions to help clients that would benefit from using the equipment. The demo site also agrees to handle evaluations and recommend individuals with disabilities to the local chapter of AMBUCS.

The demos site was created to ensure that both size and placement are appropriate. The demo site has on staff licensed therapist that will assist with the entire AmTryke process.

If you think that you or someone you know would benefit from an AmTryke and you would like more information then please contact our demo site or contact Montgomery River Region friends of AMBUCS through our Contact Us page.

If you, your business or your organization would like to get involved by either donation money, time or resources then please take a look at our Donate section.

Demo Site Contact Information

Baptist East Therapy Center

400 Taylor Road

Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: (334)244-8345

Fax: (334)213-6262