What is an AmTryke?

AmTryke, LLC is a company owned by National AMBUCS, Inc and is dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. The AmTryke therapeutic tricycle was inspired by a therapist in hopes of giving every individual the freedom of riding their own bike. The tricycles can be hand and/or foot operated and are designed to accommodate riders of all ages, sizes, and physical limitations.

How does an AmTryke help?

The tricycles help improve the quality of life for individuals by helping improve coordination, improving motor skills, helping build strength and also helping improve their self-esteem. These tricycles help give individuals who cannot ride traditional bikes the ability to get outside and experience the feeling of riding a bike.

What does MRRFOA do?

Unfortunately the cost of the tricycles is not covered by insurance and there are many individuals that cannot afford to purchase their own AmTryke. This is where The Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS (MRRFOA) comes into play. Once a therapist recommends an individual for an AmTryke, the individual will visit an AmTrke Demo site. Once the individual is evaluated and sized for a tricycle and it is determined that the family is financially unable to purchase a tricycle the individual is place on our AmTryke Wish List. MRRFOA works with the individuals to help recruit individuals, businesses and organizations to donate money to purchase the tricycles. In order to be placed on the wish list an agreement is signed stating that once the tricycle is no longer needed or the individuals out grows the tricycles they will return the AmTrykes to the local chapter so that the trykes can be recycled and other individuals can benefit from their use.

AmTryke Application

If you have a need for an AmTryke but don’t have the resources to purchase one then fill out an application. Once you have filled out the application then you will have to come into the demo site so one of the physical therapist can evaluate and fit you for the correct size bike and accessories. Once all the paper work is filled out and you have been evaluated we will place your name on our wish list. Bikes will be provided as funds become available.

Once you open the application you can fill it out on the screen print and then sign the application. Or you can print a blank copy and fill out the application.

Download the Application