About Us

The Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS (MRRFOA)

The Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS (MRRFOA), a 501c(3) national service organizations, was officially formed on October 3, 2008. The Montgomery River Regions Friends of Ambucs request money from individuals, businesses and organizations to help with the AmBility program. The AmBility program received its name by combining the word AMBUCS with mobility. The AmBility program was adopted by the National AMBUCS in 1998 to help represent the dedication of the members to creating mobility and independence for those with disabilities. The AmBility program focuses on the areas of equipment and processes.

Current the MRRFOA (Montgomery River Region Friends of AMBUCS)is focusing on the AmTryke® portion of the AmBility program. As our chapter grows we have plans to expand the AmBility program so that we can help improve our community.

The MRRFOA chapter started with  20 individuals in the Montgomery River Region that had been identified by therapists as having special need for the therapeutic tricycles. After the Montgomery Advertiser ran an article in mid December, parents, grandparents, and therapists have been requesting their special needs family members be placed on the wish list in hopes they will one day receive their own trykes. With the growing of our wish list comes a growing desire by our members to help all on the list receive their life changing trykes. Will you help us?

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Board Members

Leanne Cornwell – President
Brenda Gourley – Vice President
Bethany Gamma – Secretary
Cindy LaPorte – Tresurer and Chairman of the Board
Scott Sutton – Board Member
Dana Fitzpatrick – Board Member
Charlotte Plaskette – Board Member